On the Job Ministries

Welcome to On the Job Ministries

Meet Tory. We exist for him and other young people just like him.

Because we believe young people deserve the opportunity to learn to work hard, we start-up and operate small businesses that employ and provide job training for at-risk young people live on the West Side of the city of Buffalo.


On the Job Ministries is a division of Westside Ministries, a non-profit organization whose members seek to follow Jesus by serving the people of Buffalo's under-resourced West Side.

"I like working for someone who is respectful of me, who tells and not yells, someone who gives me freedom to try out a new idea..."


On the Job Ministries . New to You . Westside Wheels . 286 Grant Street . Buffalo, NY 14213 . 716-886-2490 . newtoyoubuffalo@gmail.com

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